Marriage Counseling – Helping couples improve strained relationships

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If your family has been going through troubles due to your strained relationship with your partner, it is time to seek marriage counseling from a trained counselor or therapist. Various types of counseling services are offered for helping couples to resolve conflicts and repair their stained relationships. Some people might opt for faith-based counseling to their clergy whereas others might refer to professional help and guidance through therapy sessions. Following is a list of some of the professional psychiatrists who can offer marriage counseling.

  1. Psychologists or other mental health providers with license in clinical psychology
  2. Social workers having a Master's degree in social work
  3. Family and Marriage therapists having a Master's degree and clinical experience in family therapy
  4. Medical doctors who are trained Psychiatrists and offer medicine prescriptions

Couples counseling, individual counseling, group therapy and family therapy are some of the most popular types of counseling modules approached by the marriage counselors. If you too have been looking for counseling or therapy sessions to restore and rebuild your relationship with your partner, you can seek help from any of these above mentioned sources. However, it is important to consider here that no amount of marriage counseling will help unless both the partners are 100% committed to work through their marriage. Learning useful tricks to work out disagreements from counseling sessions is a long term investment that can take a long time from several weeks to months or even years depending on the intensity of the situation.

A licensed marriage counselor would help you to learn the tools that are needed for effective communication so that you can resolve the differences and difficulties during crisis situations. Depending on the degree of deterioration of your relationship, your counselor would ask you to come for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions. No matter how often, your therapist asks you to attend his sessions, the goal is to bring you together with your partner and analyze the source of conflict. Therefore you must always consider the location of the therapist before approaching him/her. For example – if you stay in Pittsburg California, you must try to search for a Pittsburgh therapists offering marriage counseling in your vicinity. In case, if your counselor is situated at a far off location, you might feel reluctant to visit him / her for regular sessions. Following are some helpful tips for finding Pittsburgh therapist in your neighborhood:

  1. Ask your family physician for referrals.
  2. Search in your local phone book / yellow pages directory for family and marriage therapists under the counseling section.
  3. Ask your family members and friends for referrals if they know of any reputable marriage counselors.
  4. One of the most reliable and easiest ways to find a Pittsburgh therapist in your neighborhood is to refer the online therapy directories that contain several profiles of reputed counselors and psychologists offering their services in different parts of the country.
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Marriage Counseling – Helping couples improve strained relationships

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Marriage Counseling – Helping couples improve strained relationships

This article was published on 2011/09/01